3 Minute Precision Peel

For instantly clearer, brighter, softer skin.

Designed to bind to proteins (dead epidermal cells) on the surface of the skin resulting in a remarkably effective peel with no sting, no burn, no itch!*

Perfect After

$48.00 (USD)

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Cooling Anti-Oxidant Mask

Powerful anti-oxidants infused into a fabric face-shaped mask scavenge free radicals caused by sun and environmental damage, leaving the skin smooth and supple, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Perfect After

$48.00 (USD)

Radiant Skin in a Box

Featuring The 3 Minute Precision Peel and 4 Cooling Anti-Oxidant Mask

Perfect After

$84.00 (USD)

Have you avoided having peels because they burn your skin?

Has an aesthetician applied a peel you felt was too aggressive and cost too much?

These questions drove me to create Real Chemistry™, a niche collection of skin care products designed to enhance the overall radiance of the skin, without having to change your existing routine. The line consists of a light gel peel, the Real Chemistry™ 3 Minute Precision Peel and a fabric face-shaped mask, the Real Chemistry™ Cooling Anti-Oxidant Mask. The peel removes excess, dead epidermal cells in seconds, but does not burn the skin. The potent anti-oxidants in the mask’s serum scavenge free radicals caused by environmental damage. Each mask pouch contains up to one full ounce of serum and the fabric serves as the delivery system. The mask covers the face for 15-20 minutes, allowing every drop of serum to be absorbed, giving you an enviable, sublime, glow you may have to explain to your friends and family!

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients are carefully blended in an FDA approved laboratory environment to ensure the highest possible quality and the best possible results.

We regret that the masks and kits are not available at this time but they will return in the fall.  Thank you for your patience and support as we grow.

As always, keep us posted on your beautiful skin!